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Album 'All Or Nothing' van Luminize
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Luminize is energy. Luminize is persistence. 

Luminize is all or nothing.

Marcela, Matilda, Irena and Tea are Luminize. These four ladies were born in Croatia, and always persisted in developing their talents into the skilled musicians they are today. When their music teacher started an all-boy band, it inspired the girls to start their own all-girl group. In the early days, Luminize mainly covered rock bands such as Guns ‘n’ Roses and AC/DC. They quickly gained a fan base and performed locally, participating in the Croatian preliminaries of Eurovision, but also internationally, traveling all the way to Australia. When singer Marcela joined the band in 2010, the current set-up of Luminize is born.

The band knows how to get the crowd going with their dynamic performances. When these four young women unite their energy, their presence cannot be ignored. ‘Luminization’ is given an entirely new meaning by Marcela, Matilda, Irena and Tea. Obviously, this drive could not remain unnoticed internationally, and a Dutch business man and long-term friend decided to bring the girls to the Netherlands to support further development of their career.

Unfortunately, their international journey does not start smoothly. After leaving family, friends and work behind, they quickly realise that this ‘friend’ could not keep up his promises. However, Luminize decides to live up to their name, and keeps their heads and energy high. Another friend steps in, and takes on the manager role. She effectively manages the band, with support from various professionals in the music industry, maneuvering it into a better position. Luminize finally gets the kickstart it deserves.

2015 marks a memorable step in the band’s goals and dreams for the future  – they record their debut album ‘All Or Nothing’. Powerful women such as P!nk, Gwen Stefani, Kelly Clarkson and Hayley Williams provide them with inspiration while they write their own songs. Together with producer Holger Schwedt (Bløf, Di-rect, Anouk en Go Back To The Zoo), they lift their rock sound to a higher level.

The enormous energy and drive of Luminize is noticed long before the official release of ‘All or Nothing’, due in February 2016. Last year alone, Luminize has played at several big festivals and stages both in Croatia and the Netherlands. Their singles ‘Get it Back’ and ‘Kill it with Love’ led to international deals with Universal Music, AT bookings and X-Level. They also played live at Parkpop, Bospop, and at popular radio stations Radio Veronica, Radio 538 and 3FM.

Their album is a powerful statement of four young women who want to share their music and energy with the world – literally going for ‘All Or Nothing’.

Herman Hofman – 3FM
“wat een geweeeeeeldige strot heeft die meid”

Tijs van Liemt (3FM/Serious Talent)
"Goed nummer, goede productie. Zeker wel iets voor 3FM"

Arjan de Ruiter (NPO, Radio 2)
"Dit nummer heeft zeker hit-potentie, ik zou de single zeker op radio 2 draaien"

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